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Conondale National Park, Sunshine Coast

[Adventure] Waves on Mars?? A film by Foster Huntington

[Adventure] Waves on Mars?? A film by Foster Huntington

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5 Minutes With… Trent Rouillon

Trent Rouillon - 5 Minutes With

Trent Rouillon takes 5 with Explore Nation

Trent Rouillon is an adventure & travel photographer based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. When he’s not shooting landscapes, he’s capturing weddings alongside his wife, Jessie under the moniker Trent & Jessie.

1. What’s your current location?

My wife Jessie and I currently live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

2. How did your passion for photography, and in particular landscape photography, come about?

I was really into film and TV during high school, however afterwards I studied photography for two years, which is where it all began. I really loved the medium of photography and I stuck with it. I think my love for landscapes started early, without me even knowing it. My Dad used to travel around Australia (and a lot of places around the world) for work, and fairly often I had the opportunity of tagging along. The long drives through rural Australia opened my eyes to the beauty around us. When I started doing photography, I used to love getting out and shooting landscapes. Even though now my day to day photography work is working with people, it has afforded us the opportunity to travel around Australia and other parts of the world.

3. Has your environment / location inspired your work in any way?

Definitely! I grew up in Brisbane and called it home for many years. Shortly after Jessie and I got married we went traveling for a little while. When we got back we decided to make the move to the Sunny Coast. Living 10 minutes from the beach really inspires us. I love the ocean and could spend hours in there if I could. Sometimes we like to go and sit by the water as the sun is setting. It’s a great way to end the day, especially if there have been many hours sitting behind a computer screen!

4. You recently explored New Zealand by campervan. What was the highlight of this trip?

Oh man! Do I have to pick just one?! The NZ trip was a bit of a spontaneous trip with Jessie and one of my good mates, Tim. We only spent a week (yes I know, that’s not long enough!) on the South Island and we were blown away.
For me there were two highlights: exploring around Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki.

We walked the Hooker Valley Track, and the landscape was incredible. Being around these mountain peaks was an amazing experience.

Secondly, we spent one day exploring the road between Wanaka and the West Coast. Finding little creeks and waterfalls in these canyons was a pretty exhilarating experience. Wading through icy water to find what was around the next bend was also pretty fun!

5. What are your biggest inspirations and motivations?

For me, being out on the road, or traveling in general, is super inspiring. Again, I think I owe this to my Dad, but once you get out onto country roads I feel a sense of peace and contentment. It’s also inspiring to find the beauty in the areas we get to visit. Every location has it’s own beauty and being able to open your eyes and witness this is pretty special.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world to get a photo, where would it be and why?

Jessie and I have been fortunate to travel to some pretty amazing places. Although, there are still places we would like to go and it’s hard to narrow it down to just one location!

In Australia, I would love to visit Tasmania (haven’t been there yet!) and would also love to drive out to the centre of Australia.

Regarding some locations around the world, I would love to check out a few of the National Parks in the US, the countryside of Scotland/Ireland, Iceland (typical!) and we are keen to get back to Norway in winter to witness the Northern Lights!

7. Do you have any travel tips or advice for shooting on the go?

For all our trips I like to do a lot of planning! I find it helps when working how long we will have in certain places and that we don’t try to do too much while we are there. We like to experience things and not just “tick boxes” e.g. been there, seen that, done that. Having said that, we do try to keep our plans flexible, so if our plans need to change at the last minute, we can make that happen as well.

An important thing to remember when traveling anywhere, is to stop and enjoy your surroundings and where you are. I think sometimes people go to these places and run around like crazy, but they don’t take the time to stop and just enjoy it.

8. Aside from your personal work, you also shoot weddings alongside your wife Jessie. How did this venture come about?

Jessie and I met when I was working as a photographer and she was studying photography. At the end of her course, we decided it would be a good time to start shooting together. So we set up the business and off we went. It’s our full time work now, and we love it! We’ve been fortunate to travel with our work too. We’ve been to a few places around Australia and had the opportunity to travel to Norway twice, and we’ve shot 3 weddings over there.

9. What is the ultimate goal you would like to achieve with your work?

We are continually working hard to grow our business! We would love to travel more with our wedding work too. At the moment my personal work is a place to express my creativity outside of weddings, but also to show people the beauty of creation that is all around us.

10. Where can our readers find out more about you?

My personal work can be found through the various links:

Our wedding work can be found here:

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